Tips to Differentiate Between Bot and Real Players on PUBG Mobile

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PUBG Mobile is a popular battle royal game nowadays. The game has been downloaded by over 50 million Android and iOS users and it becomes the most popular mobile game. In this battle royal game, you must fight against 99 players which included on the big map. On the other hand, most players know that there are some Bot or Robot included on the 99 players. As the result, the players are easy to get Chicken Dinner.

The phenomenon has been discussed by some of the popular gaming media. Base on the popular media, the main reason is to help new players to adapt to the PUBG mobile game. As the level and the rank increased, the amount of the bot is decreased. There are several characteristics of the Bot in the game and it is easy to recognize.

The Shot is Weak

When there is a player shot on you all the time and it doesn’t decrease your HP significantly it might coming from the Bot.

Prone after Being Shot

Let say, you see a player from a mountain and shot them from that position. In the case of Bot, the player is not running. Instead of running, Bot will tend to prone and move slowly. If you see such kind of player, they are a Bot.

Wigwag after Being Shot

Besides prone and walk slowly, a Bot will also wigwag after being shot. Sometimes, they do the combination action just like a confused player. Commonly, a real player will run or find a place to hide when shot by the opponents. Indeed, if they are confused and do something unclear, they are a Bot.

Alone and Walk Slowly

Let say, you are playing with squad or duo mode and then you see an opponent walk alone, it might be a bot. They do not only walk alone and slowly but they also never sprint even in a dangerous condition. To make sure whether it is a real player or a boot, just shot it for a few times and see the reaction. If the player shows a reaction just like explained above, the opponent is a bot.

Never Use Attachment

The real players will use an attachment on their weapons such as Scope, Muzzle, Grip, and Magazine. On the other hand, a bot never uses the attachment. You can see it from the weapon and if there is no attachment, it might a bot. You can make it sure by shot them and check the Loot Box. If you find an attachment inside, it means you are killing a bot.

Never Enter a House or Vehicle

A real player will try to enter a house or vehicle. It is also common if you fight against opponents inside a house or vehicle. If you see an opponent who never enters a house or vehicle, there is a possibility that they are a bot. You may also shot the opponent to make sure whether they are a real player or a bot. Just be careful if you see opponents inside a house or vehicle because indeed they are a real player.

Now, you know to differentiate between a real player and a bot on PUBG Mobile. When you play the game for the first time, there are a lot of bots. As your level and rank increased, the bot is decreased significantly. The bot is not a bad thing because it helps the players especially in the locations with lack of Loot. You are lucky if you meet bots there because sometimes they bring important items and equipment to continue the game longer. Just be careful and differentiate your opponents carefully.



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Tips to Differentiate Between Bot and Real Players on PUBG Mobile

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