5 Things to Know about Managed Dedicated Server

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Since safety is something that you can barely get in today’s world, some vendors offer the managed dedicated server to all internet users. This thing will provide the firewalls, DDoS protection, and many more. But before you go for it, there are several things you need to know about a dedicated server.

The first important thing is that you must acknowledge that the data backups are the smartest move to do. Recently, the internet world had been attacked by Petya and WannaCry Ransomware. This is simply a reminder that doing a regular data backup will help you to stay safe from the hacker attacks.

Use the vigorous password policies

The major thread of dedicated server is on its security vulnerability. Password breach is the number one thread. When you use the new dedicated server, it is very important to always change the password on a regular basis.
The host may definitely set the default password and it practically increases the vulnerability risks. When you set a password, we recommend you to use a random combination of symbols, numbers, and letters in lower and uppercase. It must be done to decrease the risk.

Regular testing and scanning

Malware risks are everywhere due to the ease of installing applications in the dedicated server. Malware is created to copy all confidential databases and it could be highly sensitive information though. In order to fight the malware attack, you may need to choose a hosting vendor that provides the vulnerability scanning on a regular basis. Later, check any unexpected behavior before running tests to all software.

Turn on the firewall

DoS attack could lead to a fatal server failure and overwhelming traffic on the system. It will waste the resources of hardware and damage legitimate customer’s experience. This is why you need to turn on the firewall. Since there are several vendors that offer the service of the dedicated server, you must choose the one that provides a generous system resource. Also, make sure that the host has a quality perimeter firewall so it can stop the malicious data from the first second.

Maintain the database

Website security may use the loopholes as their way to intrude your databases. This is why you need to maintain your databases and updating it regularly. Other than that, you cannot ignore the importance of SQL injection especially when your databases contain some sensitive details about your clients. You can start with minimizing the privileges of the users who use the database and deleting any unwanted data.

Update the software

Some people tend to ignore the notification about updating their software to the latest version. On the other hand, this is one of the ways that must be done to stay updated and away from the malware. Updated software may contain the latest protection so you really need to install it as soon as you get the notification. But you must remember that you must scan the software before you install anything to maintain your managed dedicated server on its best performance.



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5 Things to Know about Managed Dedicated Server

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  1. good information and well written article.
    I am using a shared hosting service from hostnetindia.com. I am completely satisfy with this company. But now i want to move my website form shared hosting because my traffic increasing rapidly. So i want try dedicated hosting once.

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