Steps to Delete Unused Apps on MIUI Xiaomi without Rooting

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There are bloatware or unused apps on MIUI Xiaomi. Those apps only fill the internal storage and affect the performance of the device. The app is unable to delete even by MIUI system. At the same time, most of the tutorials are using root to delete it.  The trick below helps to delete unused MIUI apps on your Xiaomi smartphone without root. Follow the preparation and the steps here to delete the unused apps on MIUI Xiaomi safely and easily.

Steps to Delete Bloat Ware Apps in Xiaomi

Preparation before Deleting Unused App on MIUI Xiaomi

For example, you want to delete one of bloatware applications from Xiaomi known as Mi Video. You must download ADB and Fastboot Binary and PDAnet first before deleting the app. The first thing to do is installing the App Inspector by Projectoria from Google Play Store. The function of this app is to know the installed app directory. Second, open the App Inspector and find the Mi Video. Then, find the Data Dir (/data/data/com.miui.videoplayer).

When the preparation above is complete, you can start to do the steps below:

  1. Install the Driver

  2. Connect your smartphone into PC by using USB cable.

  3. Extract the ADB and Fastboot Binary files.

  4. Open the extracted files, find platform-tools, and then press Shift + left mouse. Now, choose open command window here. The action will open the command prompt from the folder automatically.  

  5. Type: Adb devices on the command prompt and press Enter. Just wait until the process detects your smartphone. If it is so, you will see random numbers and letters [space] device. Check the image below.

  6. Type: adb shell and press Enter.  

  7. Type: pm uninstall –k –user 0 com.miui.videoplayer and press Enter to delete the app. 


  • To delete another app, change the Data dir based on the app directory you want to delete.

  • Be careful when you delete the app especially system apps. Deleting system apps might cause your smartphone bootloop.

  • Just make sure entering the correct data dir to delete the app successfully.

  • If it is failed, try to start the process from the beginning and make sure that you have following the steps correctly.

By following the steps above, now you can delete unused apps from MIUI Xiaomi without rooting first. The process is easy to do and you will not see the app anymore. By deleting the app, you will have more space on the smartphone and you can use it for more important apps. In the end, you can use your smartphone maximally.



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Steps to Delete Unused Apps on MIUI Xiaomi without Rooting

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