How to Find Your Best Hosting Service at Cheapest Prices

It is true; you can make a blog or website for free. But, is that enough, if you plan to use it for a bigger purpose? For example, you want to use your blog or website for online business. Your customer comfort when they are visiting your website is the most important thing for your online business. Therefore, you need to pay a little to get these benefits. Don’t need to use those expensive hosting services. Just try the low cost web hosting services, and that’s enough for a starter.


How to Choose Cheap Web Hosting Services?

Now, after you know what you need, the next thing you find out is the cheap web hosting service itself. Here are things to consider, if you want to search the service.

  • Server Type

The cheapest server is the shared servers. Basically, the web hosting service uses one computer as the server for many websites. This server doesn’t need too much treatment. However, the performance isn’t as good as other servers. It depends on how the website owner that uses this service put the load on it. If there are many of them do that at the same time, expect some worst downtime.

The best choice, if you plan to spend a little for best performance is using a virtual private server. It is similar to the shared server. However, your server is made, so no one but you can access it. This server type has much better performance and more features than a shared server. The price is much higher than a shared server. But, for better performance and low downtime, this is the best choice.

There is another server you can use, which is a dedicated server. Basically, a whole computer or server is yours. It is very expensive. So, it’s not suitable for you that look for cheap web hosting service.

  • Portable Content Management System

Make sure you choose the cheap web hosting that has this feature. It allow you to move your site, in case, the hosting company have new management and change their hosting plan. Without this feature, your site will be affected by this change. And, you can get a lot of problem because of it, from the deactivated feature to price change.

  • Speed, Support, and Security

According to Adam Berry, digital director at Windgard Creative, these three are the most important thing of a web hosting service. The hosting service must be able to provide fast performance, full support for their client, in case there is some problem, and best protection for their client data. Even though you want to find cheap hosting service, make sure they offer these three. It won’t be as good as more expensive hosting service, but at least you have what you need to run your website smoothly.

Top 3 Cheap Web Hosting Services

Now, after you know what you need to look for, if you want to get low cost web hosting service, here are our recommendations. This hosting service can be considered to be the best among many cheap web hosting services.

  • HostGator

They have a lot of hosting plans you can try. And, each of them comes with full features. The uptime is also excellent, plus they also provide great support for their client. This hosting service is perfect for you who just start an online business. Unfortunately, it doesn’t support the Window-based server. (Price: $10.95)

  • DreamHost

The security features of this service are amazing. It also gives you many domain-management tools. It is very helpful if you want to modify your website. It also has a money-back guarantee, even though their price is quite cheaper. But, once again, it doesn’t support Windows-based server. However, this service is a good choice for a beginner who wants to build their website. (Price: $4.95)

  • Hostwinds

You can get the VPS hosting plans here, plus they also offer cheaper dedicated server. The uptime is also really satisfying. This one has a Windows-based server, but it is only available in several hosting plans. If you plan to make a good-quality website, this hosting service is your best choice. (Price: $4.50)

Now, you know what you need to do to find low cost web hosting services. Just choose one that you like, and start running your website. After that, if you succeed with your business, you can always upgrade to a better and expensive service.

Source Reference: PCMag & Cnet